Job Opportunities


We are seeking a highly motivated PhD student to join the Plant Pathways Elucidation Project ( based at the North Carolina Research Campus in Kannapolis, NC.  The successful candidate will be enrolled in NC State University’s Department of Horticultural Science, and its PhD program will include a minor in Nutrition. The PhD program will be partially supported through the Dole Nutrition Research Institute.

Within the P2EP team, the PhD student will establish genomic resources and develop new genomic tools for the pineapple crop, and use these assets to 1) characterize pathways that lead to important metabolites accumulated in pineapple and 2) determine the genetic basis of resistance to relevant fungal diseases and/or nematodes. Dole has access to a vast range of pineapple biodiversity to facilitate this research quest, and these plant materials will be fully available to the selected candidate.

Start date – Spring 2017

For further information or to apply, contact: Dr. Massimo Iorizzo, Department of Horticultural Science, Plants for Human Health Institute, North Carolina State University